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In blog section you can check newest information from aninmation and entertainment world. Blog provide you neccesary informations about current condition of hotel animation. Thats the place where you can get a knowledge about entertainment job offers, entertainment reviews and any other sections of entertainment.

When will the 2021 season finally run with entertainment in hotels and cruises?

Thing's are not gettin better, since our last posts CRUISES INFO and DESTINATIONS for 2021 nothing moved forward. So far we know that UK tour operators pushed restart dates from 17th of may to 24th of June, all because of publication of the Global Travel Taskforce. UK citizens are not allowed t...
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When Will Cruises Resume and when the first job offers for entertainers can be expected?

It's been almost year after cruises stuck on dry land, now its look like the cruises resurection is on the run. In few months most of them should be back on the high seas again. Here you can check hows the situation look like with the biggest cruises companies. AmaWaterways: May 1, 2021 Once international river cruise ...
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Money, Money, Money - how much does an animator/entertainer earn around the world (or should)? Experience, position, skills, languages - OFFICIAL STATEMENT

Different parts of the world, different money for entertainers - thats obvious!  But... not only destination point is a measure of your monthly wage Second most important factor is your experience. informations about your intership in industry - how many years you worked as (example) dancer, how many hotels you wo...
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Which destinations are open for SEASON 2021? What restrictions? Check our map!

 We have made a list of countries and their restrictions that are currently in force. Covid is still blocking our entertainment chain but some of the coutries dont realy care about it anymore, which is good for us.  So, take a look which country have, a what restrictions and where you can go wi...
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Season 2020 (COVID19 season) raport / What about 2021?

Today is the first anniversary of the covid virus detection in 2019 China, imagine... exactly one year ago they diagnosed first case. What happened during this year is a totall disaster for the economy over the world - especially with tourism and travel industry which include also us. ...
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