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The Power off positive thinking

Smile with your liver   The power of positive thoughts are much stronger than you think. Everything what surrounds Us effectively create feelings. Feelings are emotions that leads Us in our intentions. Intentions are what makes Us motivated in life and keep Us going to Our goals. We are all motivate...
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Free Internet in Animation! How to get solve this problem?

How to deal with it?  Im preety sure, that is the most frequently asked question just after salary subject. Internet - everyones need it, everyones want it even in small percentage. Ill be honest, as a programmer im using it almost 24h - laptop, phone, console, TV - everywhere. Its look like im addicted,...
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Im going! And what now?

I have a plan now to travel Malaga for a new Entertainment Managers seminar - ROC Hotels Company. Seminar is just 3 days. Im taking with me small 10 kg hand luggage and a hand bag. Whats gonna be inside my suitcase?Im calling it Basic Kit. In my suitcase you will find underwear f...
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How to know - who is good and who is bad ?

How to know - who is good and who is bad? Everyone in this universe have their own opinion about the information that they receive. You have your own reasons in what to believe or who to trust. Everything in our life what push us to move forward is the results of our own decisions. Whatever You gonna dec...
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The Art of Entertainment / Wholeness

Today I am finishing last chapter of the Art of Entertainment. I was wondering for a long time what is the meaning off wholeness and how to describe it in a way that everyone understands. And today 7.2.2019. i figure out, that the best word for wholeness is LEADER. Leader equals Wholeness, but truth plus...
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