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So, Hows the situation with hotel entertainment SPAIN, ITALY, GREECE?

Finally i received my chargeback for flight - Ryanair - took 4 months to take it back. Iv heard that now it not even posiible to get money back, just 120% vouchers for one year.  Anyway, article is about the current situation around Europe, so lets push it in this way.  I would say, the situati...
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Hotel Entertainment VS Coronavirus

Have you ever experienced a situation in public transport with emergency brake? Imagine a speeding train in which someone suddenly pulls the brake and all of the passengers have to suffer the consequences. This is exactly what happening right now, the whole world just STOP. I don't care - seriously - does this shit com...
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Expectations VS Reality

.This article is about everything and nothing. In entertainment world always expect the unexpected, it's a carousel of everything, ferris wheel of promises, the biggest swing of moods ever. So welcome and enjoy, the Entertainment Show! I will give you some historical lesson, lets make an educational start for a good be...
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Staging and all about that show / Guide for choreographers or dance captain.

Here it is finally a topic that I am avoiding to write about. Why? Because I don't like to share my secrets. I am doing it now just cause I realize that sharing your knowledge is better than to keep it for yourself and because my "special" skill I was always better payed than other. Before hotel entertainment...
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Mini Once / Mastering kids

I will never understand why every entertainer don't put mini club as ground firm basic of everything they do. Mini Club is a basic for everything and everyone. But all entertainers are doing the same 2 mistakes.  1. They define them selfs like kids club ents. because they think its much easier thena...
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