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In blog section you can check newest information from aninmation and entertainment world. Blog provide you neccesary informations about current condition of hotel animation. Thats the place where you can get a knowledge about entertainment job offers, entertainment reviews and any other sections of entertainment.

Animators Center social media / be always first!

 Hi guys!  Just quickly reminder about our social media that you can find under those links ANIMATORS CENTER FACEBOOK CURRENT JOB OFFERS GROUP - ANIMATORS CENTER FACEBOOK FUNPAGE - 
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Entertainers & Animators - promote yourself for free! (+400 points review bonus)

We know how hard is to get a dream job in entertainment on the other part of the world, especially now during COVID 19 : Bali, Bora - Bora, Indonesia, Bermudas, Dominican Republic or Hawaii.  We want to make it easier for you! Animators Center is all about simplicity... we are familia...
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E-Book for Entertainers! How to become a great entertainer, make more money and become true leader!

 One and only ebook for entertainers written by experienced, proffesional team leader and manager Piotr Muszyński. Just now for only 1$ on Amazon! "If you are, like me, an entertainer and if you love what you do - this book is definitely for you. You will find inside tips & tricks on how to better communi...
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Hotel Entertainment - Money, privileges, events and memories / How to Earn?

Money, money, moneyMust be funnyIn the rich man's worldMoney, money, moneyAlways sunnyIn the rich man's world  Who doesn't love money? Animators love them, maybe because in entertainment industry you can earn a lot and save for long time or spend quickly :-). I remember when my teamleader ...
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Ranking of Recruitment Companies - we have first reviews/scores! Check who's on the 1st place!

Which company for season you should choose?Is the salary good? Conditions? accomodation?Working hours? Food provided? Flights refunded?Many questions, not so many answers. We as offer you a list of companies and reviews about them. from 1 to 10. Register now! and place a review! Get first place with yo...
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