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New Social Network for Stage Performers! Coming beginning of 2022!

background skillsdealers Skillsdealers
At the beggining of 2022 we would love to present you our new project called "Skills Dealers". We almost finished it! Skills Dealers it's a older brother of Animators Center. Modern platform built for people who are skilled with dancing. singing, acro, fireshows, circus and more. Service typically focused on stage...
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How to communicate in a foreign language

When I was in school we were studying a foreign language for about ten years. Even after studying English for ten years in school I went abroad and still had a speaking language barrier. It was still hard for me to communicate with people. I tried like a lot of people who try to speak a new language to translate from P...
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How to become a better leader in hotel entertainment

leader leader
I've met more than fifty animation chiefs in my career and worked directly with fourteen of them. I want to show you what mistakes people made when they are in charge. I think that every leader should become familiar with my observations and thoughts. I will gladly admit that I hated some of my chiefs because they didn...
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How to make more money while working as a Hotel Entertainer

"The profession of Hotel Entertainment is magical. It opens many inaccessible doors." ~Piotr Muszynski The most important rule of this chapter is "WIN & WIN." Of course, it means that everyone wins! *Attention! Not everything I'm going to share will be allowed, due to varying rules in different hotels. Remember: Th...
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Learn the secrets of communicating with people - guest relations

The undeniable fact is that our profession is magical. Every day, we have a chance to talk to new people from all over the world. People on vacation usually have a very positive attitude and they like hotel entertainment. We can use that to build personal and friendly relationships. How do we do that? We show sincere i...
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